Carnival lights

Light, joy and

Carnival lights are essential elements that add magic and joy to this colorful and fun celebration that fills our geography every february. Carnival lighting becomes an essential element to create the festive atmosphere that the occasion requires, bringing color and joy to every corner of the city. Its designs, humorous, colorful and very different from any other decorative lighting, create an unfogerttable festive atmosphere for an event with a significant tourist impact in many parts of the map.

Llums de carnestoltes

festive lighting

Luces de carnaval

Carnival lighting plays a key role in the celebration of this festival in cities. Light completes the experience for visitors and locals alike. For this reason, at Ximenez Iluminación we provide a customized service tailored to the costums and understanding of the festival in each area.

To achieve this, at Ximenez we offer comprehensive carnival lighting projects, including the design, manufacturing and installation of customized lighting projects, contributing to making each city’s celebration a true tourist attraction.


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