Ximenex Group

The Christmas lights
that decorates the entire planet

Ximenez Iluminación is integrated within the Ximenez Group, a business Group composed of several subsidiaries that enable the tailor-made creation of any lighting progect, from design to installation and storage, with in-house resources.

Located in Puente Genil, the Ximenez Group consists of Ximenez Iluminacion, which is a decorative and artistic lighting installation company at the national level; Ilmex, its factory and international distribution brand; and Fundacion Ximenez, established in 2019 with the main objective of actively combating climate change and promoting new, more efficient, and environmentally friendly consumption models.

Grupo Ximenez

A comprehensive service for any lighting project

The mission of Ximenez Group is to create innovative decorative lighting solutions under various flexible models and with comprehensive service. Its aspiration is to be a leader in decorative lighting worldwide.

Grupo Ximenez

Its mission is to create innovative solutions with comprehensive service


Thanks to its subsidiaries and the steps taken by the third family generation, Ximenez Group has undertaken projects in 50 countries worldwide, having a presence on all five continents. Among its most iconics projects are those developed in New York, Madrid, Vigo, Barcelona, Qatar, Dubai, Brussels, London, Mexico, Denver, Milan, Oslo or Australia. In 2022, the company achieved a significant milestone in terms of internationalization and expansion as it reached its antipodes with the development and creation of a lighting project for Christmas in New Zealand.

We have been illuminating the world for over 75 years

Sostenibilidad y medio ambiente

Grupo Ximenez

Ximenez Group has maintained a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment since its inception. In 2007, the Group pioneered a thecnological process, replacing all of its incandescent lighting with LED technology in all its festive lighting projects.

Thanks to this transformation, it has managed to reduce energy consumption in its lighting installations by more than 90%, also saving the emission of 3,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Today, installing 100% LED and low-consumption lighting projects is already a reality at Ximenez Group. This achievement led to the company being recognized as one of the 101 corporate examples of Climate Action at the 2019 Climate Summit held in Madrid.

Grupo Ximenez

Futhermore, the company focuses its production model on the reuse and transformation of materials, aiming to minimize waste generation and optimize the lifespan of resources. Through this ongoing pursuit and constant research to create increasingly environmentally friendly lighting that respects the surrounding environment, Ximenez has patented the most sustainable and environmentally friendly decorative lighting in the industry: Ecogreenlux. A product that reduces light pollution by 93% and consumes 60% less energy compared to current LED lighting.

Ximenez Group’s efforts to be more sustainable and efficient are not limited to the creation of new products or consumption models. They also reflect in their internal policies for quality and environmental respect, ensuring responsible resource usage within their facilities, as well as the generation of renewable energy through the installation of solar panels at their headquarters to cover 70% of their energy consumption.

Ximenez Group’s efforts in developing an environmentally responsible business are supported by certifications of their environmental management system by AENOR.


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