Quality policy

Quality policy

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

ILUMINACIONES XIMENEZ GROUP, S.A. is committed to quality management, environmental respect, and occupational health and safety in all its processes, products, activities, and services.

The commitment to increase customer satisfaction through compliance with their requirements, the prevention and elimination of occupational risks, as well as the protection of the environment in all the actions carried out by ILUMINACIONES XIMENEZ GROUP, S.A., are the pillars that integrate and inspire its Management Policy. It also identifies the needs and expectations of interested parties to ensure continuous improvement.

The Management of ILUMINACIONES XIMENEZ GROUP, S.A., through the adoption of this Policy, expresses its commitment to:

1. Compliance with all the requirements of the Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This firm commitment extends to compliance with current environmental legislation, risk prevention after their identification and evaluation, both at the environmental and occupational level, and other requirements that the organization may subscribe to, as well as rules established by our clients.

2. Integrating pollution prevention, occupational risk prevention, and environmental protection into the Company’s Management.

3. Promoting awareness of the strategic importance of the Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ensuring its continuous improvement as a key element of competitiveness and a guarantee of the company’s future.

4. Preventing environmental pollution by carrying out practices that do not favor such pollution, as well as informing our clients of design proposals that are more environmentally friendly.

5. Anticipating potential repercussions on the safety and health of people and the environment of all new activities and processes and taking the required preventive measures.

6. Taking measures to eliminate and, when not possible, prevent risks at any level, including occupational and environmental risks; implementing the corresponding improvement measures and considering all necessary aspects to guarantee the health and safety of people at work and environmental protection.

7. Implementing and maintaining the necessary processes for the participation and consultation of workers and their representatives in decisions related to Occupational Health and Safety Management, creating transparent and effective mechanisms that promote the achievement of the expected system results.

8. Defining, reviewing, and systematically updating compliance with this policy, as well as the Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety objectives and goals associated with it, as a means to achieve continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

9. Being consistent with other organization policies, striving for their unitary and integrative character.

10. Involving different functional units and interested parties in its development, and periodically reviewing it by management.

11. Reaching all members of the organization directly and personally, and properly explaining it.

All of this will allow us to ensure the future of our company, driven by quality, productivity, respect for the environment, and occupational health and safety.

The management of ILUMINACIONES XIMENEZ GROUP, S.A. is responsible for providing the necessary technical and human resources, within the organization’s economic possibilities, to ensure that all personnel in the organization and any interested entity know, understand, and implement the commitments stated in this policy.

In Puente Genil, June 2023.



Communication of Environmental Performance to Interested Parties

As a result of the Integrated Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System policy, and within the environmental scope, ILUMINACIONES XIMENEZ GROUP, S.A.:

–  Has established a system for updating applicable Environmental Legislation and identifying the requirements applicable to its activities.

–  Periodically evaluates environmental aspects from a life cycle perspective, identifying which aspects are of greater significance.

–  Conducts appropriate operational control of identified environmental aspects.

–  Has established and implemented relevant emergency response procedures for potential environmental emergencies.

Additionally, ILUMINACIONES XIMENEZ GROUP, S.A. provides information about the mentioned aspects and environmental performance to interested parties upon request.

Alberto del Rey Barba

Director of Quality and Environment


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