Other lighting projects

Customized and tailored
lighting work

When it comes to artistic and decorative lighting, Ximenez leads the way. No matter the occasion or event, we undertake all types of technical lighting projects. From Christmas lighting and luminous figures to event lighting and fairground illumination, there is no lighting project that we can’t handle. That’s why we have been present in our country’s Christmas celebrations for over 75 years, as well as at the main fairs and popular festivals throughout the national territory.


Iluminación para fiestas y
ocasiones especiales


One of the festivals where we have been working for many years is the Fallas of Valencia. For over 50 years, we have been illuminating the Valencian festival and winning numerous first prizes in the Street Lighting Contest, in collaboration with the Cuba-Puerto Rico Falla. Every year, we create unique projects that make this famous festival of the Spanish Levant shine brightly with the help of light.

At Ximenez Iluminación, we also offer the possibility of decorating and illuminating summer nights with special, colorful, and original lighting to create a unique effect during the day on the streets of a city and a different experience during summer nights, as well as an additional tourist attraction for the area.


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