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The Christmas lights
that decorates the entire planet

Ximenez Iluminación is a decorative and artistic lighting company dedicated to the installation of motifs and large luminous structures in the main cities and capitals of the country. With over 75 years of history, it’s the leading decorative lighting company in the sector.

Thanks to the international expansion achieved by its parent company, Ximenez Group, in the last decades, the brand has managed to be present in more than 50 countries worldwide and on all five continents, taking the name of Ximenez and its lighting to every corner of the planet.

Quiénes somos

From Puente Genil, in the heart of Andalusia, we create the largest lighting projects in the main capitals and major cities in the country. When Christmas arrives, more than two hundred points in Spain light up with Ximenez Iluminacion’s lights. Vigo, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Valladolid are some of our most representative works in Spain.

Fairs and Christmas celebrations are a significant tourist attraction for any city, attracting millions of visitors every year. Our artistic and decorative lighting projects are a key element in the essence and appeal of these festivities, as well as promoters of tourism and their image.

Who we are?

More than just

Famous for its Christmas lighting projects, Ximenez is present throughout the national territory, resposible for the Christmas lights in major spanish cities, as well as the lighting of the most important fairs in Andalusia and numerous popular festivals and celebrations across the country.

With its main headquarters located in Puente Genil, Ximenez Iluminación has branches spread across the map, allowing it to offer comprehensive services and decorative and artistic lighting projects anywhere in Spain.

Ximenez is the company responsible for the Christmas lights in the main capitals of the world

With offices in Catalonia, Alicante and Malaga, Ximenez boasts substantial logistical capacity that makes it the leading company in the sector, capable of providing “custom projects”, lighting installations, and fully personalized service to its customers with in-house resources, all integrated within the Ximenez Group.

Ximenez Iluminación also has commercial representation throughout Spain. Furthermore, through coordination with the other subsidiaries of the Ximenez Group, Ximenez Iluminacion has the capacity to provide comprehensive service throughout the country for all types of decorative lighting projects and installations.


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