Puente Genil recovers a historic entrance to illuminate its 2023 fair

7 August 2023

The Puente Genil Fair will once again recapture the essence of yesteryears this year thanks to the installation of a historic entrance to welcome and illuminate its 2023 edition. The entrance, of classical style with a traditional touch, measures 22.65 meters in width and 17.32 meters in height and will shine with 100,000 LED lights. Comprising two arches and three colorful towers, this structure will also provide significant daytime decoration for the fairground, paying homage to fairs of the past century. Additionally, it will be adorned with two large illuminated shields of the town of Puente Genil, which will occupy the central area of the arches.

The fairground will feature a total of 520,000 LED lights, which are highly energy-efficient, distributed among 65 arches and 4,245 garlands, among other lighting elements. The designs will focus on typical festival elements such as flamenco figures, dancers, flowers, and vibrant and decorative motifs.

With over 75 years of experience, Ximenez Group is the leading company in decorative lighting in Spain and a global reference, illuminating the most prominent and characteristic festivals throughout the country, as well as Christmas celebrations in over fifty countries worldwide. The company from Puente Genil will illuminate around a hundred fairs and popular festivals across Spain until October, when the last events of the festive calendar take place. One of the most notable events on the company’s installation calendar is the Puente Genil Fair, the town where it was born and continues to carry out its activities.

The inauguration of the 2023 Fair will take place on August 14th with the lighting of the entrance and all the decorative lighting in the fairground installed by Ximenez, which will shine until August 19th.