Lighting in shopping centers

Shopping as a
unique experience

The main goal of shopping centres, besides sales, is to make shopping a complete experience and an attraction for the shopper. Therefore, the design of the space and all its elements, such as lighting, is essential to enhance the attraction and the time spent by the public in the shopping centre, and consequently, to boost sales.

Ximenez Iluminación offers a lighting rental service for shopping centres with a wide variety of elements to support this attraction and sales strategy. From comprehensive decoration projects for the facilities to lighting work for corners or specific areas of the center and its brands.


as a shopping lure

Iluminación en centros comerciales

At Ximenez Iluminación, we work on shopping center lighting projects that provide a unique experience for the public and a strategic advantage for the communication and marketing plans of the venue. Through carefully designed concepts in collaboration with the management teams, our decorative lighting has supported hundreds of shopping centre campaigns focused on providing entertainment and interactivity to visitors, through lighting elements or floor-level walkable figures.

One of our most significant shopping center lighting project is the tallest Christmas tree in Europe, which has been installed every Christmas season since 2016 in the Nevada Shopping center in Granada. Each years, this 55-metre-high tree attracts thousands of visitors, tourists and media who enjoy this unique lighting experience in all of Europe.

Iluminación en centros comerciales


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