Our history

The Christmas lights
that decorates the entire planet

The company’s history dates back to a simple wooden star that the founder crafted, adorned with several light bulbs and installed in the display window of a small appliance store he ran in the town center. He did this to attract customers and to illuminate and brighten his business during such important times, in 1945.

The idea was so successful among the locals and fellow shopkeepers in the area that the town council of Puente Genil commissioned Francisco Jimenez to illuminate the main street of Puente Genil for the following Christmas. This commission would soon expand to the rest of the town and, gradually, to other municipalities in the surrounding areas throughout the province.

Nuestra historia

It all started with a star

Francisco Jimenez Carmona was a visionary in his time, an entrepreneur who saw the potencial of light and illumination as a fundamental element of popular celebrations.

As the company grew and expanded into “conquered” territories with its light, Ximenez Iluminación began illuminating andalusian fairs, fallas festivals, carnivals and Christmases in much of Spain. Over the years, the second generation of the family arrived, driving the national development of the company and making it the leader in decorative lighting in the country. It became resposible for the Christmas lights of major spanish cities.

With the new millenium and the arrival of the third generation, Ximenez Iluminación became integrated into the Ximenez Group. Thanks to its various subsidiaries, the Ximenez brand made the international leap, becoming present in more than 50 countries worldwide and becoming one of the leading decorative lighting companies in the world today.

Today, Ximenez Iluminacion, Ximenez Group and its others subsidiaries are undergoing a significant transformation process in order to continue being the reference company in the world of decorative lighting. Sustainability, innovation, development and environmental respect are some of the pillars on which Ximenez is based today, working towards achieving sustainable goals and cretaing new lighting products that result in lower consumption and greater environmental respect.

We have been illuminating the world for more than 75 years.

Ximenez Iluminación was founded in 1945 by Francisco Jimenez Carmona

With the thrid generation, the brand made the international leap

Thanks to its subsidiaries and the step taken by the third generation of the family, Ximenez Group has developed projects in 50 countries around the world, being present in the five continents. Among its most emblematic projects are those developed in New York, Moscow, Madrid, Vigo, Barcelona, Qatar, Dubai, Brussels, London, Mexico City, Denver, Milan, Oslo or Australia. In 2022, the company achieved a very important milestone in terms of internationalization and expansion, as it managed to reach its antipodes, thanks to the development and creation of a lighting project for Christmas in New Zealand.

We have been illuminating the world for more than 75 years.


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