The Ximenez Iluminacion team

The Christmas lights
that decorates the entire planet

The driving force behind Ximenez Iluminación is its people, that is, the team of professionals who make up Ximenez and make it possible for Christmas to light up in hundreds of places around the world each year.

From office staff, designers, and engineers to welders, electricians, warehouse workers, drivers, and assemblers, they make up the Ximenez Iluminación team, providing a comprehensive service to enjoy the successful decorative lighting projects installed each year for Christmas or at fairs and festivals across the country.


Ximenez Iluminación
team de

At Ximenez, we recognize the importance of having a highly skilled and committed team. That’s why we invest in continuous training and specialization in all types of tasks. We take pride in having a multidisciplinary team where the diversity of skills and perspectives allows us to approach challenges from different angles, promoting creativity and innovation.

Our team is the engine that drives our company to success. We are committed to the development and growth of our team members, providing them with the tools and opportunities needed to reach their full potential. Together, we work toward a common goal: delivering quality services to continue being the leading lighting company in the sector in Spain.


Our team is the engine that drives us to success


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