Lighting for fairs

Light, joy and

Fairs are a very special celebration in many cities and municipalities in the south of Spain, in addition to being a great tourist attraction. Each one of them has a different character that makes them even more special, and lighting is an integral part of this personality.

At Ximenez Iluminación, we want to offer each city the light and colour it deserves for its fairground lighting, thanks to our custom lighting projects. Understandinf the culture and idiosyncrasy of each city is very important to us in order to provide original lighting that matches the festival’s image. We are defenders of tradition.


A lifetime illuminating
our region

We illuminate hundreds of fairs throughout Spain, including some of the oldest and most iconic ones. Through our fairground lighting projects, we create and illuminate entrances and fairgrounds with customized designs for each city, many of which are inspired by historical events or regional identity.

Iluminacion para ferias


One of the largest fairs in Andalusia. It takes place in August and we are fortunate to be responsible for the lighting and decoration of its Day and Night fairs.


Globally known as the Horse Fair, it is one of the fairs that has trusted Ximenez Iluminación for its lighting for many years. The lighting has a special connection with the city, serving as its hallmark.

Iluminacion para ferias
Iluminacion para ferias


Held in may, this fair boasts the largest entrance gate in Spain, designed, manufactured and assembled by Ximenez Iluminación. It represents one of the most important monuments of the city, its Mosque.


The Colombinas festivities in Huelva are among the fairs with the most historical significance. Each year, the pay tribute to an event related to Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America, and alongside the celebration, there’s the illumination.

Iluminacion para ferias


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