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Malaga kicks off its fair with the debut of the Larios Entrance and the lighting ceremony

13 August 2023

The Malaga Fair kicked off on the night of August 12th with the lighting of over two million LED lights, distributed throughout the fairground and the main entrance. One of the main novelties this year is the complete replacement of the fair’s main entrance lighting with LED technology, which results in greater energy savings and a significant reduction in the electrical consumption of the Malaga fair’s lighting. With a width of 40 meters and a height of 16 meters, the replica of the Aduana Palace will once again serve as a meeting point for the people of Malaga and visitors who come to the Cortijo de Torres fairground in the coming days.

Additionally, this year, the nighttime fair will also feature new illuminated motifs on the Bulevar and Peñista Rafael Fuentes street, designed for the occasion with vibrant colors and characteristic elements of the Malaga festival.

The Day Fair will also have an important addition, as Calle Larios will feature a new entrance, designed and manufactured exclusively for Malaga by Ximenez Group. This structure, measuring 12.82 meters in width and 16.10 meters in height, represents a large man and woman dancing verdiales, a traditional dance of the region, with a colorful and unique aesthetic. More than 60,000 lanterns will accompany this grand entrance, spread throughout the nighttime fairground, the city center, and Calle Larios.

Ximenez Group, with over 75 years of experience, is the leading company in decorative lighting for the sector, responsible for illuminating the most prominent and characteristic festivals throughout the country, as well as Christmas celebrations in over fifty countries worldwide. Since March, the company from Puente Genil has been illuminating numerous fairs in the south of Spain, reaching a total of 100 festivals illuminated by the company in October, as the last events of the festive calendar take place.

For Ximenez Group, the Malaga Fair is one of the most significant events on its installation calendar due to its size, national and international importance, and the large number of people who gather in the Andalusian city every year to enjoy this summer fair, which will culminate on August 19th after a week of celebration.
verano, que culminará el próximo 19 de agosto, tras una semana de celebración.